What if the bombs weren’t sent by the Right OR the Left?

Bomb Scare

Pipe bombs have been sent to, as of right now, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CNN, Wasserman-Schulz and Eric Holder (the bomb was misaddressed to Holder, but had Wasserman-Schulz as a return address), Maxine Walters, and John Brennan.

At this point, we don't have any conclusive evidence of responsibility by any party. The targets would suggest a right-wing actor, though there appears to be an ISIS flag on the CNN bomb. Right-wingers are jumping to claim a left-wing false flag. That seems unlikely but logic isn't usually the strong point of people sending out pipe bombs.

However, we've missed another culprit that is just as likely, if not more so.

What if it's a foreign actor?

Look, we have more than established that foreign actors (definitely Russia, probably China) were working to interfere in the 2016 election. Here we have an action that seems deliberately designed to sow disagreement between the right and left, and inflame tensions already at the breaking point.

Why are we assuming it's a domestic action?

That seems stupid. The thing is, even smart people are stupid when they're angry, and there are a lot of normally smart people out there who angry, right now. I'm not saying their anger's not justified, but it's still an easily manipulated weakness. The Right and the Left are ready to believe anything negative about the other, without thought or question.

China knows we're divided, and we're in the middle of a trade war with them. ISIS knows we're divided, and we're in the middle of a shooting war with them. Russia and Iran know we're divided, and we're in the middle of cold wars with both of them.

The point is, there are a lot of enemies out there who could predict the effect of these bombs and motivation to use them.

Maybe, we should step back from Right vs. Left and look at the obvious wolves in our midst. I know it's crazy, but maybe instead of just assuming it's other Americans who disagree with you politically, it might be one of dozens of non-American factions who benefit from our division. 

At least until there's some actual evidence. 

Use those Braaaains!

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