Let’s not forget about Senator Feinstein

Feinstein Title Card

A Lot of People to Hold Accountable

I don't want it to come across as me thinking Senator Diane Feinstein is the only person who's behaved abhorrently throughout this process. Not. Even. Close.

I just feel she's mostly skating by, so far, and what she's done is terrible. So someone should keep the issue from becoming dead and buried.

I'm going to address the other problems, mostly to cover my own ass, but only in brief. I'm not trying to be comprehensive here.

It's understandable that people should care, given that the Supreme Court is very important, even if people can't quite agree about how.

One of Several Problems with Kavanaugh's Approval Process

There are a number of problems with Kavanaugh's approval to the Supreme Court. In order, I would rank them:

1. The huge backlash to Kavanaugh before any of the sexual misconduct accusations arose, even though his judicial record is virtually identical to Merrick Garland, Obama's pick for the Court. 

2. The decision to effectively ignore the sexual misconduct claims against him. I rank this below the original backlash because I feel that original senseless political backlash allowed Kavanaugh's supporters to paint the sexual misconduct charges as more senseless political backlash. 

3. The character assassination of Dr. Ford for no reason other than political convenience. Republicans should be held to higher standards. 

4. The condemning of Kavanaugh without evidence or trial. Democrats should be held to higher standards. 

5. Kavanaugh: He should have withdrawn. He could have waited until after the hearing, he could have continued to fight the charges. However, he would have been easy to replace with another candidate who didn't undercut the perceived validity of the Supreme Court. Duty to country comes before personal agendas. 

6. The Democrats created such a circus atmosphere where people were legitimately concerned about Kavanaugh's failure to win the vote causing public false charges (irrespective of Kavanaugh's guilt) to become the new political tool of choice.

So, basically, this was a giant mess and everybody in it sucked in every way.

Still, in the larger chaos we've lost track of one of the one person most responsible for ensuring things went so completely nuts.

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Does the Senate Have a Single Shred of Decency?

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Diane Feinstein Still Needs to be Held Accountable

Dr. Ford has endured a process she should never have been subjected to. Whether or not her claim is truthful or accurate is irrelevant.

Obviously, she made the rookie mistake of trusting the integrity of someone with a Dolores Umbridge haircut.

Feinstein Umbridge
Seriously, it's uncanny. I didn't even realize until I started wondering why I felt so strongly her suit should be pink in the title card.

There is no reason she ever should have been put in a position where she had to publicly testify. There are processes in place. This claim should have been investigated without any public concern.

Mind you, I'm not saying we should have been left unaware of credible charges against Kavanaugh. I mean they should have been investigated prior to the release of the information, and whether or not it was released should have been contingent on the results. Not only for reasons of protecting Kavanaugh and his family from false charges, or Dr. Ford from angry nuts, but because wide scale news coverage makes it almost impossible to conduct a good and thorough investigation.

The sad truth is that--based on their actions--neither the Republicans or Democrats had any interest in justice for Dr. Ford.

Instead of following procedures that would have respected her stated wish to remain anonymous Senator Feinstein chose to hang on to the letter for the entirety of the original background investigation and interview period, then make it known. 

There is only one reason to do this: 

To delay the nomination process. 

One of the Democrats--if not Feinstein, then almost certainly one of her staff (the list of possible leakers is very short)--made Dr. Ford's name public. They knew the firestorm this would create. They knew this would endanger her and her family. They knew this would create a media circus. They did it anyway.

And now they just get to move on with their lives and careers while Dr. Ford can't go home for fear of her family being violently attacked.

What do you think?

Regarding the Attorney Recommendation

Senator Feinstein also recommended Dr. Ford's attorney. While it has been suggested that the attorney in question is a Democrat activist who put Democrat interests ahead of her client's, attorney Debra Katz is a well-qualified sexual harassment attorney with a general history of settling out of court and/or anonymously.

Which is to say, she appears to be a very good recommendation, and that charge against Senator Feinstein appears to be unfair.

Feinstein Acted Extraordinarily Unethically

If there's another plausible scenario, I sure don't see it.

Senator Feinstein had the opportunity to follow a course of action which would have resulted in a fair and unbiased investigation, preserved the desired anonymity of her constituent, not unfairly damaged Kavanaugh's reputation if the charges could not be substantiated, and not endangered the lives and livelihoods of two Americans and their families. 

Instead, she chose option two: Fuck 'em both, fuck their families, fuck ethics, I've got political hay to make!

And she did all of this to accomplish . . . nothing. There was a bunch of political theater, with a net change of nothing.

I just really want to reiterated these points and hammer them home:

  • There were procedures in place to investigate the charges without endangering Ford.
  • There was no reason to hang on to the letter through the investigation except to create a media circus and force Ford into the open.
  • This media circus directly undercut the possibility of a just outcome for either Ford or Kavanaugh.
  • There is absolutely no way Senator Feinstein was not aware of all these facts in advance.

If you believe Dr. Ford then you have to believe that Senator Feinstein undercut another woman's shot at justice and threw her to the wolves for an ultimately symbolic political ploy.

If you believe Judge Kavanaugh then you have to believe Senator Feinstein destroyed the reputation of an innocent man for an ultimately symbolic political ploy.

I don't normally compare Senators to shit, since it's unfair to compare them to something useful, but what a POS! In fact, light of your unabashed and considered embrace of Evil, Senator Diane Feinstein, I christen thee, SHITHULHU!


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