Hillary Clinton is Rotten Broccoli

This whole eat your broccoli thing needs to stop.

Hillary Clinton is rotten broccoli.

So there have been a lot of articles this week about how Millennials should stop waiting for the perfect candidate. And a few others in high-profile locations where someone previously against Hillary gushes about how wonderful she is, and how wrong they were to doubt her. I don’t think it’s any mystery just whose flying monkeys are churning those articles out, but let’s not worry about that. Let’s talk about the message and the underlying viewpoint behind “stop waiting for the perfect candidate”.

The message, of course, is, “Shut up and eat your broccoli.” Because, that’s the sort of thing you say to children who just don’t know what’s good for them. And that’s how we’re viewed by that camp. As children who just don’t understand how the world works.

False Equivalencies

It’s true there’s a lot of false equivalency out there regarding Clinton and Trump, and the idea that because they’re both awful, one’s as bad as the next. I don’t think there’s any real question that Trump’s materially and temperamentally unfit to be President, whereas Clinton is moderately competent. And I do mean moderately. She’s had a lot of job experience, but the results of her labors have been . . . well, several million deaths around the world, for starters. Which isn’t to say they’re all her fault–she didn’t build the icebergs, she just gleefully bounced us from one to the next for four years. I’m not optimistic she’s going to do much better steering a much larger ship.

The same people who most vociferously cite this as a false equivalency, though, almost to a man and woman, also push another false equivalency: Because Hillary Clinton is a less awful choice than Donald Trump, she is not awful.


My generation does not like Clinton, because we have grown up watching her. We have watched her stand stoutly against those things, such as equal rights for minorities and gays, which are nearly universally supported by my generation, regardless of other political feelings. Right up until the moment the polls favored our way of thinking. Hillary Clinton is a modern-day Mary Poppins, with none of the kindness or charisma, but ready to drift off into the blue the moment the wind changes.

Our Implied Ignorance

We are not blind to the realities of the world. We came of age in the Great Recession, in no small part caused by policies Hillary Clinton favored and supported, and many of us, though not myself, have served in the wars she also supported. Few of the gains in the economy during the Obama years have found their way to us. We’re no strangers to the hardships of life.

We have not forgotten that Hillary Clinton supported the harshest policies against minorities in the modern era when her husband was President. We have not forgotten that she supported immigration policies not far removed from Trump’s for most of her career. We have not forgotten that she supported bailing out the corporations while we struggled to find minimum wage jobs. We have not forgotten her incompetence or her corruption.

Not This Broccoli

The fact is, the Democrats aren’t just trying to convince us to eat our broccoli, they’re telling us to ignore the fact that the broccoli they’re serving us is rotten to the core.

I know we get a lot of flak for our entitlement, well, Newsflash Boomers: You aren’t entitled to our vote just because one of you is a more competent corrupt oligarch. We are not wrong to demand that if any party wants our support, they must nominate better people. 

The people who are in the wrong are the ones who are willing to choke down candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and pretend it’s good for them, for us, and for the country, when we all know they’re rotten.

If you want our support, don’t publish media blitzes of transparent pandering and thinly veiled insults to our maturity and integrity.

If you want our support, do better. 

We are not ignorant of the ways of the world. The problem is that the people who support Hillary Clinton, her policies and viewpoints, have been at the helm for most of our lives. You know what? The world they are building sucks. We’ve all got different ideas on how to fix it, of course, but that’s beside the point. We see the world these policies and these people are creating, and we know we can do better. You, me, us, we. 

And if we can, well, we should. And if we just buckle and say, “Well, fine, I guess we’ll eat that rotten broccoli,” we’re never going to change this course.



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