Category: Pop Culture

Pop culture is, well, whatever it is; it’s whatever encapsulates the mean overall focus of the human psyche. It’s the collective outlet of the collective mess we all find ourselves in . . . collectively.

More than that, though, pop culture is the place where we succeed in our constant flailing attempts to be on mostly the same page about something. We might not agree on guns, god, education spending, taxes, terror, or healthcare, but damnit if Grumpy Cat isn’t the best damned thing, right?

So it’s worth looking at. It’s worth thinking about. So much of making the world a better place depends on finding those tiny and precarious bits of common ground. It’s PokemonGo, it’s Grumpy Cat, it’s sports, it’s nationalism, it’s internationalism, it’s Harry Potter; it’s those tiny things that we find to build our friendships upon. It’s the first solid footing we find each time we’re fumbling in the darkness of discovering another human soul. Often it’s silly, almost always it’s stupid, but pop culture is anything but unnecessary.