Uh, Zombie Washington?

So about that name, Zombie Washington.

Here’s the thing: most the good names are taken. It’s hard to find something that’s memorable, short, somehow topical to what you want to talk about (especially for a political-type blog), and ends in .com. That’s just the way it is. Zombie Washington wasn’t the first name I thought of. It wasn’t even one of the first fifty.

And the truth is, I wasn’t imagining good ol’ George shambling along when I hit upon the phrase. No, I was being metaphorical. I thought, Hey, a bloated, rotting, contagious corpse shambling along in desperate need of brains is a pretty nice description of the current reality of DC. 

But you can’t pass on a logo like that. That would be brainless.

Anyway, the reason this site has a silly name is that all the serious people got into this first. The thing is, though, these are serious times, and maybe a little humor now and then wouldn’t hurt. This isn’t a joke site, this is Cracked or the Daily Show. This is me, talking about the challenges we face, and how I think maybe we can fix them–or at least trying to start some conversations in that direction.

I don’t have wealth (yet) or power (yet), but I do have ideas, I do have a voice, and I have a platform. It’s a very small platform, obviously, sort of the modern version of flagpole sitting except way less impressive. The point is, things aren’t going well, somebody should do something about that, and I’m somebody.

So are you.

So let’s do something. This is what we can do today, and I believe we’ll be able to do more tomorrow.