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So about bees being added to the endangered species list:

So did you hear? The bees are on the endangered species list! It’s the end of the world! We’re all going to starve! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhh! Everyone scream! Panic! PANIC! PANIC AT THE DISCO! PANIC OUTSIDE THE DISCO! PANIC EVEN IF…

Hillary Clinton is rotten broccoli.

Hillary Clinton is Rotten Broccoli

This whole eat your broccoli thing needs to stop. So there have been a lot of articles this week about how Millennials should stop waiting for the perfect candidate. And a few others in high-profile locations where someone previously against…

Why the debate was so awful:

The First Debate of 2016: Trump and Clinton vs. America Like many of you, I watched the Trump/Clinton debate last night. I was planning on writing this immediately post-debate, but found I needed time to settle my thoughts. I like…

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Harry Potter, does magic make you death proof

The Hidden Truth of Magic in Harry Potter

Fact: Hogwarts is a Deathtrap (also, Spoilers) So you may have noticed Hogwarts makes no sense as a school, right? They let the kids do insanely dangerous things all the time. Running around with dangerous animals, flying about trying to knock each…

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The Ramification of Time Travel No One Ever Thinks About

So, if time travel is possible, there are some pretty big (near as I can figure) inevitable consequences that will totally change how you think about the world. This is a bit involved, so let’s start with some story time….

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Why you can’t vote for a lesser evil:

I mean that literally. In our current system there is no way to vote for a lesser evil. And no, it’s not because Trump and Clinton are equally evil. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Recently, there have been…